Kens Doing projects

This is a work in progress that is in development specifically for YouTube. The project follows the conventional process of character development through workshopping and as result the character Kens Doing was born.

Kens is an ageing mid-career artist, he’s out of touch, though he thinks that he’s a bit of a sex symbol.

This comedic approach draws inspiration from iconic Australian figures of the 80s such as Ken Done, Skase and Peter Russell Clark. Unlike those figures, Kens finds himself in today’s new world where diversity and marginal voices are rising.

Kens is grappling with this and trying to make sense as to why he’s no longer relevant. 


Is it time for Kens to make way for a new generation?

But what happens to dinosaurs like Ken, as his power and privilege erodes?

This mad-capped oddball’s wound-up, in over-drive while trying to grapple with the intersection. 

Kens doing it, but should he?


videographer: Matt SMith